Fuel Your School

Case Study N0. 1

Byron Russell LLC was brought in to launch and promote the Fuel Your School initiative to bring educators, state and local leaders, media, bloggers, foundations and organizations together.


Byron Russell launched and promoted Chevron’s Fuel Your School Program which aimed to inspire and support Utah public school teachers. Millions of dollars were donated to Utah K-12 classrooms in Salt Lake, Davis and Utah County School Districts. Schools eligible for classroom projects, including STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), were funded bringing dynamic learning opportunities for students in Northern Utah. 


With the reality of teachers paying more out-of-pocket money for the supplies they need to provide meaningful learning opportunities for students, Byron Russell helped Chevron fund and distribute thousands of immersive learning projects, introducing students to STEM. This initiative was successful for nearly a decade, thanks to a partnership with DonorsChoose.org coordinating Chevron Fuel Your School initiative. The initiative helped equip teachers with resources needed for engaging lessons and activities, including hands-on science-based activities to spark curiosity in young minds and inspire future engineers and scientists.


Byron Russell was instrumental in supporting not only Utah educators, but convening many advocates of education, such as parents, the then current Utah Governor, the then current Lt. Utah Governor, a former Utah Governor, members of the Utah Legislature, the Utah State Board of Education, multiple municipal leaders, school districts, multiple school district foundations, state-wide and local media, online bloggers, and many other organizations supporting the mission of Fuel Your School to ultimately provide every tool possible for excellence in Utah K-12 education.

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