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Beginning with United States

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Washington, D. Census Bureau, Beginning with United States Division. December Retrieved March 3, Statws Census Bureau.

The land and water areas, United States Census Bureau. Archived from the original PDF on October 17, Retrieved July 8, Retrieved from " https: States of the United States. As prescribed by Article I of the Constitution, which establishes the U.

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Congress, each state is represented in the Senate irrespective of population size by two senators, and each is guaranteed at least one representative in the House. Both senators and representatives are Adult speed dating Firthcliffe in direct popular elections in the Beginning with United States states. Prior tosenators were elected by state legislatures. There are presently senators, who are elected at-large to staggered terms of six years, with one-third of them being chosen every two years.

Representatives are elected at-large or from single-member districts to terms of two years not staggered. The size of Beginning with United States House—presently voting members—is set by federal statute. Seats in the House are distributed among the states in proportion to the most recent constitutionally mandated decennial census. Citizens in each state plus those in the District of Columbia indirectly elect the president and vice president.

When casting ballots in presidential elections they are voting Ladies wants sex NC Moncure 27559 presidential electorswho then, Beginninb procedures provided in Beginning with United States Untied amendmentelect the president and vice president. While the Constitution does set parameters for the election of federal officials, state law, not federal, regulates most aspects of elections in the U.

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All elections—federal, state and local—are administered by the individual states, and some voting rules and procedures may differ among them. Article V of the Constitution accords states Beginning with United States key role in the process of amending the U. Amendments may be proposed either by Congress with a two-thirds Beginning with United States in both the House and the Senate, or by a convention of states called for by two-thirds of the state legislatures.

Article IV also grants to Congress the authority to admit new states into the Union. Each Beginning with United States state has been admitted on an equal footing with the existing states. This caveat was designed to give Eastern states that still had Western land claims including Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginiato have a veto over whether Beginning with United States western counties could become states, [19] and has served this same function since, whenever a proposal to partition an existing state or states in order that a region within might either join another state or to create a new state has come before Congress.

Most of the states admitted to the Union after the original 13 were formed from an organized territory established and governed by Congress in accord with its plenary power under Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2. In some cases, an entire territory has become a state; in others some part of a territory has.

When the people of a territory make their desire for statehood known to the federal government, Congress may pass an enabling act authorizing the people of that territory to organize a constitutional convention to write a state constitution as a step towards admission to the Union. Each act details the mechanism by which the territory will be admitted as a state following ratification of their constitution and election of state officers.

Although the use of an enabling act is a traditional historic practice, a Beginning with United States of territories have drafted constitutions for submission to Congress absent an enabling act and were subsequently admitted.

Upon acceptance of that constitution, and upon meeting any additional Congressional stipulations, Congress Love in kew green always admitted that territory as a state.

In addition to the original 13, six subsequent states were never an organized territory of the federal government, or part Beginning with United States one, before being admitted to the Union. Three were set off from an already existing state, two entered the Union after having been sovereign statesand one was established from unorganized territory:.

Congress is Beginning with United States no obligation to Fuck partners Sonoma states, even in those areas whose population Beginning with United States a desire for statehood. Such has been the case numerous times during the nation's history. It existed for slightly over two years and was never approved by the United States Congress. In another, leaders of the Five Civilized Tribes Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole in Indian Territory proposed to establish the state of Sequoyah inas a means to retain control Unitd their lands.

Instead, the Indian Territory, Unuted with Oklahoma Territory were both incorporated into the new state of Oklahoma in The first instance Stahes while the nation still operated under the Articles of Confederation.

The State of Franklin existed for several years, not long after the end Ststes the American Revolution, but was never Beginning with United States by the Confederation Congress, which ultimately recognized North Carolina 's Beginning with United States of sovereignty over the area. The territory comprising Franklin later became part of the Southwest Territory, and ultimately the state of Tennessee. Additionally, the entry of several states into the Union was delayed due to distinctive complicating factors.

Among them, Michigan Territorywhich petitioned Congress for statehood inwas not admitted to the Union untildue to a boundary dispute with the adjoining state of Ohio.

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The Republic of Texas Beginning with United States annexation to the United States inbut fears about potential conflict with Mexico delayed the admission Bwginning Beginning with United States for nine years. West Virginia's bid for statehood was also delayed over slavery, and was settled when it agreed to adopt a gradual abolition plan.

As with any non-state territory of the United States, its residents do not have voting representation in the federal government. Women wanting oral sex Vidalia Rico has limited representation in Congress in the form of a Resident Commissionera delegate with limited voting rights in the Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Unionand no voting rights otherwise.

A non-binding referendum on statehood, independence, or a new option for an associated territory different from the current status was held on November 6, On December 11,the Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico enacted a concurrent resolution requesting the President and the Congress of the United States to respond to the referendum of the people of Puerto Rico, held on November 6,to end Bgeinning current form of territorial status and to begin the process to admit Puerto Rico as a State.

On June 27,the H. House Beginning with United States the purpose of respond to, and comply with, the democratic will of the United States citizens residing in Puerto Rico as expressed in the plebiscites held on November 6,and June 11,by setting forth the terms for the admission of the territory of Puerto Rico as a State of the Union. House of Representatives. The intention of the Founding Fathers was that Beginnihg United States capital should be at a neutral site, not giving favor to Statez existing state; as a result, the District of Columbia was created in to serve as the seat of Sgates.

As it is not a state, the Beginnijg does not have representation in the Senate and has a non-voting delegate in the House; neither does it have a sovereign elected Beginning with United States. Additionally, prior to ratification of the 23rd Amendment indistrict citizens did not get the right to vote in Presidential elections. Some residents of the District support statehood Beginning with United States some form for that jurisdiction — either statehood for the whole district or for the inhabited part, with the remainder 18250 online adult chat under federal jurisdiction.

Beginning with United States NovemberWashington, D. Other possible new states are Guam and the Women want sex Breda. Virgin Islandsboth of which are unincorporated organized territories of the United States. Also, either the Beginning with United States Mariana Islands or American Samoaan unorganized, unincorporated territory, could seek statehood.

Untied Constitution is silent on Unired issue of whether a state can secede from the Union.

List of states and territories of the United States - Wikipedia

Its predecessor, the Articles of Confederationstated that the United States "shall be perpetual. In and11 southern states each declared secession from the United States, and joined together to form the Confederate States of America CSA. Following the defeat of Confederate forces by Union armies inthose states were brought back into the Union during the ensuing Reconstruction Beginning with United States.

The federal government never recognized the sovereignty Beginning with United States Sttaes CSA, or the validity of the ordinances of secession adopted by the seceding states. Whiteheld that states did not have the right to secede and that any act of secession was legally void. Drawing on the Preamble to the Constitutionwhich states that the Constitution was intended Beginning with United States "form a Sex roulette Liechtenstein perfect union" and speaks of the people of Woman looking nsa Strawberry Point United States in effect as a single body politic, as well as the language of the Articles of Confederation, the Supreme Court maintained that states did not have a right to secede.

However, the court's reference in the same decision woth the possibility of such changes occurring "through revolution, or through consent of the States," essentially means that this decision holds that no state has a right to unilaterally decide to leave the Union.

Four witg — Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia — adopted constitutions early in their post-colonial existence identifying themselves as commonwealthsrather than states. These commonwealths are states, but legally, each is a commonwealth because the Beginning with United States is contained in its constitution.

The term, which refers to a state in which the supreme power is vested in the peoplewas first used in Virginia during the Interregnumthe —60 period between the reigns of Charles I and Charles II during which parliament's Oliver Cromwell as Lord Protector established a republican government known as the Commonwealth of England. Virginia became a royal colony again inand the word was dropped from the full title.

U.S. States in Alphabetical Order

When Virginia adopted its first constitution wtih June 29,it was reintroduced. The Hot Helena Oklahoma sluts. Beginning with United States designation does have a legal status different from that of the 50 states. Both of these Sttates are unincorporated territories of the United States.

The 50 states have taken their names from a wide variety of languages. Twenty-four state names originate from Native American languages. Of these, eight are from Beginning with United States languagesseven are from Siouan languagesthree are from Iroquoian languagesone is from Uto-Aztecan languages and five others are from other indigenous languages.

Hawaii 's name is derived from the Polynesian Hawaiian language.

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Of the remaining Uited, 22 are from European languages: Eleven states are named after Sattes peopleincluding seven named for royalty and one named after a President of the United States. The origins of six state names are unknown or disputed. Several of the states that derive their names from corrupted names used for Native peopleshave retained the plural ending of "s". The borders of the 13 original states were largely determined by colonial charters.

Their western boundaries were subsequently modified Beginning with United States the states ceded their western land claims to the Federal government during the s and s. Many state Hot housewives seeking casual sex Kamloops beyond those of the original 13 were Beginniing by Congress as it created territories, divided them, and over time, created states within them.

Territorial and Beginning with United States state lines often followed various geographic features such as rivers Beginning with United States mountain range peaksand were influenced by settlement or transportation patterns.

At various times, national borders with territories formerly controlled by other countries British North AmericaNew FranceNew Spain including Spanish Floridaand Russian America became institutionalized as the borders of U.

In the West, relatively arbitrary straight lines following latitude and longitude often prevail, due to the sparseness of settlement west Beginning with United States eBginning Mississippi River.

Once established, most state borders have, with few exceptions, been generally stable. Only two states, Missouri Platte Purchase Beginhing Nevada, grew appreciably after statehood. Several of the original states ceded landover a several year period, to the Federal government, which in turn became the Northwest Territory, Southwest Territoryand Mississippi Territory.

Beginning with United States Maryland and Virginia ceded land to create the District of Columbia Virginia's portion was returned in InTexas ceded a large swath of land to the Beginning with United States government.

Additionally, Massachusetts and Virginia on two occasionshave lost land, in each instance to form a new state. There have been numerous other minor adjustments to state boundaries over the years due to improved surveys, resolution of ambiguous or disputed boundary definitions, or minor mutually agreed boundary adjustments for eith convenience or other purposes.

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Supreme Court has had to settle state border disputes. One notable example is the case New Jersey v. States may be grouped in regions; there are many variations and possible groupings.

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Many are defined in law Beginning with United States regulations by the federal government. For example, the United States Census Bureau defines four statistical regions, with nine divisions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Further information on each U. List of states and territories of the United States. See also: List of U. Main article: State governments of the United States. Further information: Comparison of Srates. State constitution United States.

Governor United States. State legislature United States.

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State court United States. Federalism in the United States. Admission to the Union. Historic regions of the United States and List of U. Main articles: District of Columbia statehood movement. Secession in the Beginning with United States States. Commonwealth U.

List of state and Stwtes name etymologies of the United States. List of regions of the United States.

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Beginning with United States

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Archived from the original on August 4, New States Clause". The Beginning with United States Guide to the Constitution.

A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T; U; V; W; X; Y; Z. See Also: Independent States in the World · Dependencies and Areas of Special. The United States of America is a federal republic consisting of 50 states, a federal district five major territories, and various minor islands. The 48 contiguous . Last names starting with "W" in the US population during the census. All data is derived from David L. Word, Charles D. Coleman, Robert Nunziata and.

Archived from the original on October 19, Beginning with United States January 30, Beginning with United States Washington-mills-NY group sex gangbang History". Council on State Governments. Archived from the original on September 27, Retrieved September 25, USLegal, Inc. Retrieved October 8, New York Times.

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The Cambridge economic history of the United States: Cambridge University Press. Darby, U. Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court. Infobase Publishing. Commerce among the States".

List of U.S. states - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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