"Acupuncture's effectiveness in aiding fertility has been dramatically illustrated in research over the past few years. Success rates with IVF (invitro fertilization) almost double with acupuncture treatments.I recommend acupuncture to all couples with impaired fertility especially those considering IVF."

Research over the past 50 years shows that impaired fertility has become increasingly common for couples in the United States. Somewhere between one and six and one and eleven couples have difficulty conceiving, including those with secondary infertility*. (some links to articles on the subject: 01, 02)

There are many possible explanations for this trend; the research on this and the Western medical approach is described well in "The Couples Guide to Infertility."

Traditional Chinese Medical Approach to fertility emphasizes regulating the menstrual cycle, reducing stress, warming the womb and nourishing the blood. Many women are surprised by the ease with which long-term menstrual cycle problems (pms, irregular period, pain & cramping, etc.) are resolved.

Treatments to promote male fertility are also available, including specific herbal formulas to promote sperm count and function. These accompany a long Chinese medical tradition for anti-aging and promoting virility.

A great information resource: Resolve